Below are photos of the eight Team Sarcoma cyclists and their bikes and related equipment.  We've also included photos of friends who loaned some of the Team Sarcoma members their bicycles for the ride as we are especially indebted to them.  Click on the photos to enlarge them

Liddy: Liddy shipped and assembled her own bike.

Liddy practicing victory stance to use after the bike tour ends.

Tom: Tom shipped his bike. Liddy assembled it.

Tom practicing victory stance after the bike tour ends.

Bruce and Bev: Bruce (Liddy's dad) and Bev (Liddy's mom) with their daughter. They borrowed bikes from friends in Lafayette.

Mark: Mark (Liddy's brother) borrowed his bike from a friend in Lafayette.

Mark's fancy GPS.

Daniel: Daniel (Mark's son), at 11-years old, turned out to be Cycle Zydeco's youngest participant.

Daniel's victory pose.

Rich: Rich (a friend from Boston) shipped his bike, but it was damaged and could not be ridden.

Luckly, another bike was found for Rich to use.

John: John (a friend from Pittsburgh) was loaned a bike to use.

Still working on last minute assembly issues.

David: David assembled and loaned us two bikes to use.

Scott: Scott (shown with his family) reconditioned two of his bikes for us to use.

Greg: Greg came to our rescue at the last moment with a bike for Rich.

Charles and Freda: Visting inspectors making sure all work was done properly and who housed the team members.


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