Day 2



Tour Notes for Day 2: April 11, 2004

Breaux Bridge to Arnaudville

Arnaudville to Port Barre

Port Barre to Washington

The morning in Breaux Bridge 

Bruce and Bev got up around 5:15 AM to leave the Bayou Teche B&B and go pick up the other Team Sarcoma members from the St. Bernard School gym to arrive at the Visitor Center at 6:15 AM for the TV interview.  They took their luggage and bikes to the Visitors Center, where they met some of the camera crew, the hostess of the Good Morning Acadiana show, and Mary Lynn, the proprietor of the Bayou Teche B&B.  The TV hostess indicated she’d like their bikes in the background while she did the interview, so they leaned them up against the front of the Visitors Center.  

The gym campers woke up at 5:30 AM and packed up.  Even if they didn't have to wake up, it would have been difficult to continue to sleep with the other gym campers moving around and packing up.  The interview began around 6:45 AM lasted for 2-3 minutes in which both Bruce and Liddy answered a few questions and each Team Sarcoma member told what state they were from.  After the interview, we went together to have breakfast (grits, biscuits, eggs, sausage, bacon, croissants, and fruit).

Breakfast was served in Cafe des Amis

Lots of carbs (as noted on Day 1)

We then went to pick up our bikes.  Rich first had to fix a flat and Bruce needed a seat adjustment.  Mark adjusted his dad’s seat and also disconnected the speedometer and odometer Bruce had as it was not working correctly and was rubbing on his front wheel.  Daniel’s maternal Grandpa (Amy’s dad, Dick) and his wife (Sue) came Breaux Bridge to surprise Daniel.  Bruce saw them having their picture taken with Daniel, but did not recognize Dick, so he did not talk with them.  Later we learned that Mark did talk briefly with them.  Evidentially, Sue knew someone at the TV Station that did the Good Morning Acadiana show she was going to attempt to get us a copy of the interview.  She succeeded in doing this and gave us the tape in Grand Coteau when they came to pick up Daniel at the Academy of the Sacred Heart.

On the Road to Arnaudville

John was the first to set out on the ride to Arnaudville, with Mark and Daniel soon following around 7:20 AM.  Bruce and Bev set out about 10 minutes later.  Liddy, Tom and Rich started last at 7:45 AM.  It was a beautiful day for biking.  It started out a little chilly, but soon warmed up.  The sun was out most of the day and we only encountered a little head wind late in the day and then only for 4-5 miles, not 20 miles as we did the day before.  Bruce and Bev passed up Mark and Daniel a few miles outside of town.  Liddy, Tom and Rich practiced their paceline.  Liddy, Tom, Rich and John passed Bruce and Bev up about 12 miles out. 

Cyclists at rest (versus in motion)

However, Bruce and Bev passed up Rich a few miles down the road.  He was pulled over and was pumping up his rear tire.  This was only one of a series of episodes of Rich doing something with his rear tire.  We met up with Liddy and Tom at Myron’s Maison de Magner.  Mark had been told that this was “the place” to order a smoothie, which we did.  It was here that we noticed that Bruce needed a new rear tire as the current one had several large bulges in it.  We learned that the sag wagon had called the bike repair truck, but he was in Breaux Bridge and it would take him ½ hour to get where we were.  So we decided to bike to Russell’s Grocery in Arnaudville, less than a mile up the road, because free boudin and fruit were available to the Cycle Zydeco cyclists at Russell's. 

Bruce and Bev met Rich at Russell's.  Rich took the sag wagon less than a mile to Russell’s Grocery, passing up the “wonderful smoothie place” where Liddy and Tom were waiting for him.  Bruce and Bev told him that Liddy and Tom were waiting for him back at Myron’s Maison de Magner and Liddy, Tom, Mark, Daniel and John showed up a bit later. After we ate, Bruce walked around the little town, taking pictures of the church and the cemetery, with its above ground graves.  Just as Bruce got back from his walk, the bike repair man pulled up in his truck. 

Liddy negotiating bike repairs

Our friendly bike mechanic

Typical Louisiana cemetary with above-ground graves

On the Road to Port Barre

Mark, Daniel and John set out.  Liddy negotiated the purchase of the tire and tube ($41 with labor) and, after the repair, Bev and Bruce set out.  Again, Liddy, Tom and Rich were late getting started due to Rich getting a new seat post clamp installed and the flat fixed.  This time, the cause of the last two flats were found: a sharp rock in the rear tire.  Bruce and Bev met Mark and Daniel about 10 miles down the road.  They were going to have lunch at Bourque’s Grocery in Port Barre (at the 32.2 mile point) and biked there together.  There was a long line in waiting to order food in the deli section of the store.  While they were waiting in line, Liddy, Tom, Rich and John showed up.  After getting our food (more Cajun delights, including a jalapeño, cheese, crawfish bread, fried catfish, and fish stew), we ate in a little park that was adjacent to the grocery.  However, John's lunch took forever as a (non-Cajun) bacon burger. 

At the park near Bourgue's Grocery

Pondering the route ahead

The park was at a split in the bayou and had an unusual monument dedicated to the American Revolution.  The monument had a bronze plaque listing the names of citizens of Port Barre who fought in the war.  It was here, in the park, that Rich started making one of his many calls to the Boston bike store that packed and shipped his bike to Lafayette to find out about insurance, etc. related to the damage to the bike.

On the Road to Washington

John set out first after lunch for Washington, which was another 21.6 miles down the road.  Bruce and Bev followed soon after.  Tom lead Liddy and Rich through a very bad section of road after lunch. Later, Tom, Liddy, and Rich met Mark and Daniel on the road and they attempted to join their paceline.  Even slowing from 17 mph to 11 mph, Mark and Daniel didn't stay with them for long.  Then, Liddy, Tom, and Rich met John, who was taking a break.  He joined them for a while (at 12 mph). 

En route to Washington

John by tree and farm house

Liddy, Rich, and Tom made it to the school at 3:30; everyone beat them to the school.  Mark and Daniel caught a ride on the sag wagon for a bit over 10 miles, but the Bruce and Bev biked the entire 53 miles and arrived at Washington Elementary School and Gym around 3:15 PM. 

John at rest (versus in motion)

The gym

Bruce and Bev stored their bikes at gym, which is on north side of Bayou Courtableu, and then walked south over the bridge on LA 182 to cross the bayou to get to the Steamboat Restaurant to pick up their luggage and take a shuttle bus to the Camelia Cove B&B.  The Cameila Cove was a beautiful old home with many period antiques and a spacious outside porch upstairs in the front of the house.  They learned later that the Cove, which was built by Louis Buhot, one of the founders of Washington, played a role in the history of Washington as the “Cook’s House”. 

Camelia Cove Bed and Breakfast

Bruce and Bev took a nice hot bath and then went downstairs to look around.  On the back porch, which looked into a lovely backyard, with flowers and large live oak trees with “Spanish Moss” hanging from them, they met the owners of the home, a fellow Cycle Zydeco bicyclist, Tom (from Dubuque, Iowa) and an historian by the name of Paul Lastrapes.  Paul was just leaving and the bicyclist reviewed with us part of the conversation he had with Paul, including a story of the planting of what is claimed to be the “largest tree in America.” The tree is called the Seven Brothers’ Oak (a.k.a. the Lastrape’s Oak).

Bruce and Bev left the Camelia Cove to walk to town where they visited one of Washington’s many antique shops. They were headed to the Washington Pavilion where there was to be “Creole Extravaganza Dinner" (fried catfish, bar-b-que pork, Zydeco beans, potato salad, pasta salad, cole slaw and buns), music by a Zydeco band, and dancing that evening.  While waiting for the other Team Sarcoma members to arrive, they enjoyed listening to the Zydeco music.  After eating, John danced with the woman in black.  She later told Beverly and Liddy about her grandkids.  John asked the mayor of Washington where we could buy ice cream.  Bruce thanked Marie (the elderly cook who prepared the food) and the mayor for putting on such a great meal and show for Cycle Zydeco cyclists.  A grand time was had by all.

Hungry cyclests at the Creole Extravaganza

John taking a dancing lesson

After eating ice-cream, everybody retired to their accommodations. Liddy's ankle was quite swollen that evening.

John continuing to practice recently learned dance steps

Liddy's swollen ankle

Can you tell us whose butts these are?

Bedding down for the night


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