Many friends came to wish us well several days before the bike tour.  Our wonderful former neighbor, Freda Martin, hosted an open house for us in Lafayette.  Over 60 people came!  Linda Becnel, another special person, helped her plan the party and Linda, along with other neighbors, prepared great Cajun treats, such as boudin balls and crawfish and crab dips.  John and Sharon Matese had us and some friends over for dinner and served us a much favored Lafayette specialty, stuffed pork chops.  We're embarrassed that we did not get photos of everyone to share with you.  The photos below, many taken by our old friend Charles Becnel, tell some of the story of these wonderful pre-tour days.  Click on one to see a larger version of it.

Freda Martin, Linda Becnel and Bev

Bev, Shelly Romero, Jerry Wilson, Eddie Martin, Gloria Wilson and Lilian Breaux

Eddie, Joan and Cole Martin

Linda Becnel with her son Mark and grandchildren Lauren, Ashley and Ben

Chad and Ben Becnel

Denise Becnel, Liddy, baby Mckenna Thomas and (Grandpa) Steve Landry

Liddy and Johnny Primeaux

Kelly Becnel and Uncle Mo

Lauren Becnel and Savanah Thomas

Liddy with Lindsay, Renee and their mom, Laurie Legnon

Liddy at the Matese's house

Liddy with Mckenna Thomas

Bev, Freda Martin, Charles and Linda Becnel, Sharon Matese, Bruce, Liddy and John Matese

Melissa and Lindsey Taylor and Leah Jackson

Misty Martin and baby Cole Martin

The Thomas Triplets: Savanah, Victoria, and Mckenna

Sonia and Rex LeBlanc and Freda Martin

John Matese, Charles and Mo Becnel, and Bruce

Bev, Freda Martin, Linda Becnel, Sharon Matese and Liddy

Trisha Jackson, Pat Taylor-Sturgeon and David Sturgeon


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