What's there to coordinating?


You would attempt have friends and family commit to cycle on the very days that Team Sarcoma is cycling in Denmark.  These people would form a “Team Sarcoma/X” where X is your country. They would make this commitment to help achieve the following goals:

  1. Raise public awareness of sarcoma

  2. Raise public awareness of the lack of young adults in clinical trials. 

If Team Sarcoma/X can also raise funds for sarcoma research that would be fine, but raising money is not the primary goal of their involvement in a virtual bike tour.  Participation on Team Sarcoma/X would provide a unified, coordinated statement of worldwide concern about sarcoma.  By having people in various countries cycle along with us on the very days we are cycling in Denmark, we can publicize this international involvement.  The press coverage that results can help us gain the public awareness of this disease that we seek.  You might want to use this announcement to help form your team.


Each day, the cyclists would send you a note indicating how many miles they actually cycled and where they cycled and a few  sentences about their ride or route. You would forward this information to for editing/posting on the Team Sarcoma the virtual tour in your country.




Miles Cycled

June 30th




July 1st




July 2nd




July 3rd




July 4th




July 5th




Days June 30 and July 5 are optional.  The cyclists could also send in a digital photo or two of them while they are on the “virtual bike tour for sarcoma research” that would be posted on the web site as well.


We'll have a logo designed for you with your country on it (similar to the one on this page) which you could use for t-shirts or advertising the bike tour.


If you have contacts in the media, having an article written about your virtual tour would be great.  We would be more than happy to help with the press releases.

You don’t need to get hundreds of people signed up to participate. We think that 10-12 people in each location can help us make an impact, when they are added together.

If you could like to become a coordinator please send a note to  


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