Other Countries



In addition to the people listed in the countries identified on the Virtual Bike Tour home page, there were a number of additional people who were either from or biked in France, Germany, Hong Kong, IndiaIreland and Sweden as Virtual Bike Tour cyclists.


Aleta Ricciardi of New Jersey was intending to ride in France. We'll post her results as soon as we hear from her.



A German citizen, Rudolf Morche, who happened to be biking in Serbia, biked along with Team Sarcoma/Serbia.  See the Group 1 description.


Hong Kong

There were four Hong Kong residents who biked Virtual Bike Tours. Kerry Yick and his friends Timothy Yao, Nick and Chris biked a total of 115 km (approximately 72 miles).  Tim cycled in the morning from Jardines' Lookout to Shek O Beach.  Kerry, Nick and Chris cycled  in the late afternoon  from Redhill Peninsula (near the Tai Tam reservoir) to Shek O Beach.



Three Indian citizens biked four Virtual Bike Tours together in India.



Madhuwanti Vaidya


Sheetal Paranjape


Sharada Sundaram


Each day, they biked from Pune, a city in the state of Maharashtra, where they live to a different place.  On 1 July, they biked to Pashan, a distance of 12 miles (approximately 19.2 km).  On 2 July, they biked to Deccan, a distance of 10 miles (approximately 16 km).  On 3 July, they biked to Bund garden, a distance of 11 miles (approximately 17.6 km).  On 4 July, they biked to Khadakwasla, a distance of 15 miles (approximately 24 km). 


Another Indian citizen, V. S. Rao Sasipalli, was integral to coordination of the Team Sarcoma/Japan activities as he is currently living in Japan. Rao biked with the Japanese cyclists.



The following three Americans biked as Virtual Bike Tour cyclists in Ireland. 



Mike Flynn


Terry Wagner


Willie Wagner


Mike Flynn is a member of Team Sarcoma/California. Terry Flynn and Willie Wagner were members of Team Sarcoma/New York. All three were in Ireland while on vacation.  They actually set out on a biking/hiking expedition during which each of them biked 10 miles.



Magnus Johansson, a Swedish citizen, biked as a VBT cyclist.  He biked 124.3 Km (approximately 77.7 miles) in two days over two very interesting bike routes (click here for details) in Sweden.


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