What's there to participating? 

bulletRide on July 1, July 2, July 3, and July 4.  You can also ride on June 30 and July 5 as these are days that are officially in the Danish Bike Tour.  Each day, send your coordinator your mileage and a brief description of your bike route and/or your ride.  We suggest 10-30 miles/day.  Try to send at least one picture of you sometime during the tour of you with your bike.  The photos should be 72 dpi and less than 100 KB per photo. 

Tell others what you're doing and why.  An important goal of the bike tour is to raise awareness of sarcoma and raise awareness of the lack of young adults in clinical trials. See the following fact pages related to these two issues: sarcoma and young adults.  Print out and distribute this material to family and friends or e-mail them copies of these pages.


Get others to join you and have them contact the coordinator for your location.  It's important for the coordinator to know who is riding in your location.  You might want to use this announcement to encourage others to join you in riding.


Even though raising funds for sarcoma research isn't the primary goal of the virtual bike tour, if you want to, you can get family and friends to sponsor you.  We have a donation form that you can use for this purpose.

If there is no coordinator listed on the country pages, send your email to  If you would like to volunteer to be a coordinator send an email to

An additional detail:

You need to decide how you want your name listed on the Team Sarcoma page; some suggestions are: full name (Elizabeth Shriver), nick name (Liddy Shriver or Liddy), name with initials (E. Shriver, L. Shriver, Elizabeth S., or Liddy S.) or all initials (ES, or LS).


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