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There are people who wanted to join in the Danish bike tour, but did not have the time or resources to be with us in Denmark.  Therefore, we organized “virtual bike tours for sarcoma research” in several countries around the world.  Friends, family and others helped us achieve our goals by either coordinating a virtual bike tour, or riding in one.

Summary: There were 260+ riders who cycling virtually. These riders represented 17 states and 12 countries and rode over 8000 miles.

What's a virtual bike tour?  You (and possibly others) ride on the same days that we'll be riding in Denmark.  Each day you'll tell us how far and where you cycled.  We suggest that you try for 10-30 miles a day, which is the amount of miles that we think the average rider on the Danish tour will be doing. Send a picture or two while you're on the virtual bike tour and we'll post them on the Team Sarcoma web site.

Why is participating in a virtual bike tour helpful?  By telling your friends and family what you're doing, you'll help increase public awareness of sarcoma and the lack of young adults in clinical trials.  Your participation on a virtual bike tour is part of a unified, coordinated statement of worldwide concern about sarcoma.  By having people in various countries cycle along with us on the very days we are cycling in Denmark, we can publicize this international event.

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