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“Fact Sheets” ranging from “The Ten Commandments of Biking” to “Surviving a Thunderstorm

The Science of Cycling

It's not about the lactic acid: Why you're still sore after yesterday's ride (also the the "lactic acid" link within this article)


A series of articles about cycle clothing (note the link at the end of each of the article’s segments)


Yet another article on cycle clothing (click on the message "click here to view this site" to see the article)


Biking Nutrition


Interactive graphics and other information to teach kids about bikes, bicycling and safety issues


An article for beginners and intermediate cyclists about understanding your bike’s gears


Teaching kids to ride bicycles

Regulations and traffic rules for biking in Denmark

Training: Knee Pain and Bicycle Position

Training: Water - the super supplement


Cycling with kids on conventional tandems


Photos of several “trailer cycles”

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