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Fyntour of Odense is making all of the arrangements for the bike tour.  We will bike on Fyn, Ærø, Langeland and Tåsinge, which are among the most beautiful islands in the Danish archipelago.  We will see 800-year old castles, burial mounds, beautiful countryside, and charming villages with thatched cottages, ships-in-bottles, and ride on old wooden sailing ship on the open sea and enjoy traditional Danish dinners along the way.  We will bike and travel on busses, trains and ferriesYou can bike as much as you want or as little as you want on this bike tour, from a few miles a day to over 50 miles a day.   We want to have fun as we raise funds for sarcoma research.  Here are the three excellent maps of Denmark to aid you in exploring where we will be on the bike tour: Map 1, Map 2 and Map 3. Hyperlinks are given throughout the itinerary for many of the cities, museums and places of interest that are included in the tour.  See our "More Links" page for additional useful links.  A more-detailed itinerary is here.





Pre-tour June 29th

Arrive in Aarhus

(also spelled Århus)



June 30th


 Kick-Off Dinner



July 1st


Hotel Knudsens Gaard


July 2nd

 Egeskov, Faaborg, Svendborg

Hotel Svendborg


July 3rd


Hotel Ærøhus


July 4th

 Tåsinge, Odense

Hotel Windsor


July 5th

 Billund, Aarhus

 Closing Reception



July 6th

Leave Aarhus


          TBABI = To Be Arranged By the Individual (i.e., not included in the bike tour price)

Pre-Tour Sunday, June 29th, Aarhus

  1. Make arrangements to get to Aarhus (TBABI).  Depending on how you arrive in Denmark (plane, train, etc.) there will be lots of local options.

  2. Overnight at hotel or B&B in Aarhus (TBABI).  Fyntour has a list of hotels and B&B’s that they suggest you consider for Aarhus.

 Day 1, Monday, June 30th, Aarhus

  1. All participants will meet at a designated point in Aarhus between 12 noon and 2 PM to register, pick up information, cycle maps and route descriptions, meet and visit with other participants.
  2. Group tour of The Old Town (“Den Gamle By”), 2-4 PM
  3. Kick-off dinner and group photo in Aarhus, 7-9 PM
  4. Overnight at hotel or B&B in Aarhus (TBABI)

 Day 2, Tuesday, July 1st, Odense

  1. Breakfast at hotel or B&B (TBABI)
  2. Depart Aarhus (8 AM) by train for Odense on the Island of Fyn (also spelled Funen)
  3. Arrive in Odense (9:45 AM) and transportation to Hotel Knudsens Gaard
  4. Get fitted for bikes, receive instructions, etc.
  5. Bike to (approximately 3 Km / 2 miles) and tour H. C. Andersen’s House with Guide
  6. Bike to (approximately 1 km / .6 mile) and tour the Danish Railway Museum
  7. Dinner and overnight at Hotel Knudsens Gaard

 Day 3, Wednesday, July 2nd, Egeskov, Faaborg, Svendborg

  1. Breakfast at Hotel Knudsens Gaard
  2. Depart Odense (9:15 AM) by bus for Egeskov Castle
  3. Tour Egeskov Castle with Guide
  4. Depart Egeskov (12:30 PM) by bus for Faaborg
  5. Bike from Faaborg to Svendborg (approximately 32 km / 20 miles)
  6. Dinner and overnight at Hotel Svendborg

 Day 4, Thursday, July 3rd, Ærø

  1. Breakfast at Hotel Svendborg
  2. Depart Svendborg (at 7:45 AM or 10:45 AM) by ferry boat for Ærø.  The ferry ride takes approximately 1 hr. and 15 min.
  3. Tour Søbygaard (manor house)
  4. Bike on Ærø, visiting Ærøskøbing, Søby and Marstal. There are about 60 km (37.5 miles) of bike routes on Ærø and several famous collections of “ships in bottles”.
  5. Dinner and overnight at Hotel Ærøhus

 Day 5, Friday, July 4th, Rudkøbing, Tåsinge, Svendborg, Odense

  1. Breakfast at Hotel Ærøhus
  2. Depart Marstal (8:20 AM) by ferry boat for Rudkøbing.  The ferry ride takes approximately 1 hour.
  3. Bike from Rudkøbing to Tåsinge to Valdemar’s Castle, approximately 13 km (8 miles).
  4. Tour Valdemar’s Castle with Guide
  5. Bike from Valdemar’s Castle to Svendborg, approximately 7 km (4.4 miles).
  6. Sailing trip on an old Danish wooden sailing ship
  7. Take Train from Svendborg to Odense
  8. Dinner and overnight at Hotel Windsor

 Day 6, Saturday, July 5th, Billund and Aarhus

  1. Breakfast at Hotel Windsor
  2. Depart Odense (9:15 AM) by bus for Billund
  3. Visit Legoland
  4. Depart Billund (4:15 PM) by bus for Aarhus
  5. Closing Reception and Group Photo, 7-9 PM
  6. Overnight in Aarhus (TBABI)

 Post-tour, Sunday, July 6th, Leave Aarhus

  1. Breakfast at hotel or B&B in Aarhus (TBABI)
  2. Transport to the airport or train (TBABI)

The Hotel Ærøhus and the Hotel Knudsens Gaard are traditional Danish Inns. The Hotel Svendborg and the Hotel Windsor are typical city hotels.  Each of the hotels will have a buffet type Danish breakfast.  The dinners will be traditional Danish dinners.  All of the above items and bike and baggage transport are included in the prices given below, except for:

(1) those items explicitly marked TBABI;

(2) the rental fee for your bike (shown on the next page); and,

(3) all lunches, which are on your own. 


Price US $

Per Person

Price DKK

Per Person

Adult, travelling alone

$ 839


Adult, sharing room

$ 689


Child with one accompanying adult

$ 479

$ 493

1-12:        3.300

Over 12:  3.400

Child with two accompanying adults

$ 326

$ 341

1-12:       2.250

Over 12:  2.350

   US $ = based on the Feb. 22, 2003 exchange rate of 1 US $ = DKK 6.9.  DKK = Danish Kroner.

Rental of Bicycles

You can bring your own bike or, if you’d like, you can rent a bike from Fyntour.  If you rent a bike, you can choose from one of those in the following table, e.g. a standard bicycle with 7 gears, a luxury Centurion, or a tandem bike.  The prices listed below include patching equipment and pumps, which you borrow.  If you have problems with rented bicycles or equipment that you cannot solve yourself, Fyntour will come and repair your bicycle/equipment or provide you with replacements within 2 hours.  They hope that you will be able to undertake minor repairs yourself.  See our Bike Info page for useful cycling related information.

Click on the Bike Photos button to see some photographs of the various bikes to help you make your decision on which bike you’d like to rent when you talk with the folks at Fyntour.

Description of

Bike / Equipment


US $


Standard Bike, 4/7 gear



Tandem, Cannondale 21 gear



Tandem, Standard 3 gear



Tandem, Standard 7 gear



Christiana Bike, 3 gear



Christiana Bike, 7 gear



Front/Rear bags and basket



Child’s Seat



Child’s Trailer



Child’s Trailer Cycle



Luggage Trailer




US $ = based on the Feb. 22, 2003 exchange rate of 1 US $ = DKK 6.9. DKK = Danish Kroner

In case you get tired or aren’t feeling well, you can call Fyntour.  If one of their vans is reasonably close, they’ll pick you up and take you to the next point.  If they are busy with someone else you’ll take a local taxi to the next point (the distances are small and the cost won’t be excessive).

Additional information: packing list and safety pledge.

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