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Bike Tour

for Sarcoma Research

June 30th-July 5th, 2003


Why a Bike Tour for Sarcoma Research?

In April 2002, our 35-year old daughter Elizabeth (Liddy) was diagnosed with Ewing's Sarcoma (PNET).  Sarcoma is a rare cancer in adults, accounting for only 1% of all adult cancers.  However, it is more prevalent in children (about 20% of all childhood cancers).  It is made up of many "subtypes" because it can arise from a variety of tissue structures.  Nerves, muscles, joints, bone, blood vessels collectively referred to as the body's "connective tissues".  Because these tissues are found everywhere in the body, sarcomas can arise anywhere, but the most frequent location are the limbs, since this is where the majority of the body's connective tissue resides.   

Liddy's cancer arose in one of the nerves in her leg.  After several months of chemotherapy, her tumor, which was in her thigh, was surgically removed.  We learned after the surgery that it had metastasized to her lungs.  Liddy had post-surgical radiation and chemotherapy. Her cancer did not respond to the chemotherapy and more metastasis occurred in her lungs.  Liddy is participating in a Phase I clinical trial using ET-743 (an experimental drug) and Doxil.  Because sarcoma is a rare cancer in adults, little is known about how to treat it.  Research is desperately needed to help understand and treat this disease. One form of research is clinical trials; unfortunately, young adults don't participate in clinical trials at the same rate of other age groups.

About 10,000 new cases are diagnosed each year and about 5,000 people die each year from sarcoma. 

The Sarcoma Foundation of America

We have organized a bike tour in Denmark during the first week of July to raise funds for the Sarcoma Foundation of America (SFA). We hope our efforts to sponsor sarcoma research will raise public awareness about this killer disease. The mission of the SFA is to act as an advocate for increased research to find new and better therapies to treat patients with sarcoma.  SFA supports research focused on discovering and developing new weapons to treat and eradicate sarcoma.   The SFA also interacts with public organization (e.g., the National Cancer Institute), private for-profit organizations (e.g., pharmaceutical companies) and private non-profit organizations (e.g., philanthropic foundations) to raise awareness of the treatment needs of sarcoma patients and sponsor cancer research.  All contributions are tax deductible as a charitable contribution and will be acknowledged by a letter from the SFA. 

How can you help?

Our goal is to raise at least $50,000 for sarcoma research,  Here's how you can help: 

bulletSponsor one or more of the bike riders on our tour.
bulletJoin us on our ride and have friends and family sponsor you.  You need to sign up before May 1, 2003.
bulletMake a "virtual" bike tour with us if you can’t make it to Denmark.  Bike on the days we’re biking and have your friends and family sponsor you.

We urge everyone who either joins us in Denmark or makes a "virtual" bike tour with us to make a contribution and to get others to sponsor them.  See our Sponsor Donation Form.  We need your help in finding treatments and cures for this terrible disease.

Look at the bike tour's itinerary.   If you'd like to join or sponsor us or if you have any questions, please contact Bruce or Bev Shriver at: biketour@theshrivers.us.

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