We want to thank the following organizations that have help sponsor various aspects of the bike tours.  We encourage you to click on a logo to visit the corresponding site.

  For the Team Sarcoma/Ukraine T-Shirts

  For the Team Sarcoma T-Shirts

  For our nutrition and energy bars

  For the Team Sarcoma/Serbia T-Shirts

  and badges

  For special pedals for Liddy's bike

  For bicycle shipping cases for Liddy & Tom

  and for bicycling accessories for the Team

  For the use of cell phones for the Team

  (Fyns Amt) For copies of the book

  "Exploring the Funen Countryside" for

  the Team

  For our nutrition and protein bars

  For the Team Sarcoma/Ukraine T-shirts

  For the Team Sarcoma/Portugal T-Shirts

  The Team Sarcoma/Japan Virtual Bike Tour cyclists have

  sponsored the printing of their T-shirts


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