5 December 2004

We (Liddy, Tom, Bev and I) met with Liddy's oncologist yesterday to learn the news of her latest scans. The results were not good. In fact, the results were much worse that anything we expected. Given how the whole brain radiation had an initial effect on the tumors in her brain and how the lung radiation had an initial effect on the large tumor in her left lung, we had high hopes that it would have an effect on the tumor external to her lungs in her abdomen. Unfortunately, it did not. Moreover, our use of the phrase "initial effect" is important because we learned that the effect was too long lasting. She now has more tumors in her lungs, some of which have grown dramatically in the past 4-weeks. She now has more tumors in her brain, all of which are growing. The tumor outside of her lungs is growing. This disease is relentless as it aggressively claims more of her body and mind. She has been extremely fatigued the last several weeks and has been in a lot of pain whenever she moves. She is on pain medications in an attempt to control the pain. She finds it difficult to walk and sit comfortably. She spends almost all of her time in her bed. Her daily vomiting seems to be under control due to the steroids she is taking to reduce the edema around the largest of the tumors in the occipital region of the brain. She is once again having problems finding words and putting sentences together and the shakiness in her writing has reappeared. Please keep her and our family in your prayers. We need them now more than ever.

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