Sixth in-patient chemo experience

Throughout the week, they found traces of blood in the urine. They monitored my urine output more closely, and monitored my BUN level (which is related to the kidney functioning).


I'm on the regular cancer floor. I have a young roommate, who seems very nice. She also has a sarcoma with lung mets; hers is in her heart. We compared cancer stories. I don't think she had met anyone else that she has spoken with in detail about their diagnosis, etc.

I biked 45 minutes. The seat on the exercise bike was very uncomfortable. It might have been better if I was wearing biking shorts, but I'm not sure.

Nick and his son, Brian, came by for a visit in the evening. Brian drew on the back of some of Tom's work briefs, and we spoke about granite, which Nick is ordering for his kitchen countertop and backsplash.


Dad came to visit and spent quite a long time. We worked on a puzzle together. We talked a little bit about death which arose from a discussion about some of my "Ewing Sarcoma friends" that have passed away recently. This led to a discussion about how friends and family have dealt with death resulting from cancer. We also discussed different strategies for putting puzzles together, what makes some puzzles more difficult than others, biking across the US, "collecting" bicycles, how different bicycles serve different purposes, starting a "used" bicycle shop, about the possibility of visiting one or more universities in Denmark next summer and doing some research and/or lecturing, the state of food and service in the hospital, and about Dr. Keohan's visit with us. She mentioned that if the lung nodules are stable, we might want to consider having them resected for cure. (This seems like good news).

After Dad left, I had time for a nap before Tom, Wee Teck, and Michele came. Tom kept me company while I was biking; he ate the left-over dinner I saved for him. I was in bike shorts and that was a bit more comfortable than standard shorts.

At the end of my 45 minute ride, Wee Teck came by to load some movies on my laptop. Currently, movies are way too long for my attention span.

Michele gave me some candles as birthday presents. They are healing candles with proverbs. Notes from Michele.

After the visitors left, Tom and I tried to find a lounge where we could watch StarTrek on my laptop. All of the lounges were used, so we sat by the bikes; I was in a chemo chair, and Tom was in a wheelchair. We couldn't watch StarTrek (missing software drivers), but watched part of some movie. Tom tucked me in.


Mom, Dina, Susanne, and Tom are the visitors for today. Mom first; probably in the morning. Notes from Mom. We heard about a cancer care talk about lung cancer. I biked for 30 minutes, and we attended the talk. I didn't find the talk that interesting, so I cut out for a nap. It was just the right time for me to arrive; I got on a conference call with my department at the office.

Once Mom left, Dina and I played skip-bo for a while. Notes from Dina.

Susanne visited while Tom was here. I don't remember much of the visit, so I must have slept thru it. (When I asked Susanne, about the visit, she said the following: Well, there isn't much that I can say. You slept most of the time. When you woke up, you seemed to enjoy the Pecan roll that I had brought you. We talked a bit about how you kept yourself busy all day long. We then talked a bit about your blood results. The nurse came by a few times, as you machine kept beeping. Soon after that I had to leave.)


Karen and Tom visited me today. I didn't remember much of the visits.



Dr. McKhann dropped by; he is the surgeon who did the original biopsy. He thinks, with the amount of radiation that I have had, nerve reconstruction is not a good bet. (And, even if I could have it, it would take 18 months+ after surgery to get use from the nerve.) Instead, he suggested to move part of the peroneal tendon to work as tibia tendon. He doesn't do this surgery, and doesn't think Dr. Lee does, but that Dr. Lee would know who would. I cried during most of his visit; I'm not sure why.

Tom came around 7pm. We were both waiting for time to pass. I slept most of his visit. We left at 11:15 or so, Mom and Dad picked Tom and me up to go to their home.

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