Auntie, Aunt Mary Lou, Natalie and Dina's visit (9/03)

Auntie and Dina stretching.

Before the haircut.

Auntie beginning my haircut.

The haircut had quite an audience.

Dina, Aunt Mary Lou, Auntie, and Mom.

Mile's First Birthday Party (9/7/03)

Miles and one of his gifts.

Miles and his cup cake "birthday cakes".

Miles being more interested in his new toy then the food in front of him.

Family shot, waiting for the fun to begin. Bruce, Auntie, Aunt Mary Lou holding Miles, Liddy and Isabel.

Mom, Karen, Sarah, Isabel, Matt, Auntie, Dina and Natalie.

Bruce, Miles, and Tom.

The women. Sarah, Natalie, Karen, Aunt Mary Lou, Isabel, Mom, Liddy, Dina, and Auntie.

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