Pictures from trip to Boston area on Memorial Day Weekend (5/03)

Pictures taken at Liz's home (5/23/03)

Tom playing with Henry; Sarah was playing by herself.

Henry watering the avocado; Tom looking on.

Liddy and Liz on the couch.

Liddy, Liz, Sarah on the couch (with Chicken Dance Elmo).

Another couch view.

Pictures of Len and Inga (5/24/03)

Tom, Liddy, Len, and Inga in Len/Inga's kitchen. Tom and Liddy are both wearing sweatshirts of Rich's.

Another kitchen pose.

Pictures of Rich (5/25/03)

Rich and Liddy (my eyes were closed in the previous attempts at a picture).

Rich in his living room, which had 4 bikes in it.

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