Day 7 of our Fall Foliage Trip (10/8/03)

The Touristy Things

Our B&J tour photo (Liddy and Tom).

Our B&J's tour photo (Liddy and Crystal).

The Ride

Tom (before biking back to get the car to pick Crystal and Liddy up).

Crystal and her bike.

Our bikes waiting...

Some of the sights while we waited for Tom's return. A barn...

The trees, some still green.

A covered bridge a minute walk away.

The Farm

We visited one of Crystal's sister's farms. The trees were at peak there.

Beatiful views.

Beatiful views. Even of old cars.

Tom got on a horse for the first time.

So did Liddy; it took many people to help her mount.

Walking the horse only took one person's help tho...

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