Southwest Trip (07/03)

Vegas (7/19/03)

The only picture we took in Vegas was Tom showing that a recently purchased shirt was really Vegas wear.

Zion Canyon (7/21/03)

We stopped at a rest area as we were leaving Nevada/entering Utah.

Tom and Liddy at the first viewing point in the shuttle bus ride in Zion National Park.

Rich and Tom, waiting for the shuttle bus.

A photo of the most photographed spot in Zion Canyon. This was behind the visitor center.

The North Rim of the Grand Canyon (7/22/03)

Rich and Liddy out on a viewing point. Due to Liddy's bad sense of direction, it took quite a while to get there.

Tom, enjoying the view

Tom, beckoning Liddy back from the edge

The Float Trip (7/23/03)

Our view for most of the trip

We did a short hike to see petroglyphs on a beach on the Colordro

Tom, on the boat

Rich, on the boat

The South Rim of the Grand Canyon (7/23/03 and 7/24/03)

Liddy, with a nice view behind her

Liddy, down at a viewing point

The three of us

Tom, doing tree pose

Our day in Albuquerque (7/25/03)

Our hosts, Erik and I-Ching

Erik bought us to see some very friendly priare dogs

Liddy, Rich, and Tom, hiking up to see the petroglyphs

Liddy, Rich, and Erik, on the hike down

A picture of one of the most famous petroglphs

We took a ride on the tram up Sandia Mountain.

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