Liddy's Doctors



Columbia doctors

The neurosurgeon who performed my biopsy is Dr. Guy McKhann.

The medical oncologist who I am seeing is Dr. Mary-Louise Keohan.

The orthopedist who we considered to perform the resection is Dr. Francis Lee.

The radiation oncologist recommended by the surgeon is Dr. Peter Schiff.

The radiation oncologist who specialized in the head: Dr. Steven Isaacson.

Oncology surgeon at Columbia who is interested in immunotherapy: Howard Kaufman

The Pain Management Center at Columbia.

Ophthalmologist: Arthur Cotliar


Cornell doctors

The radiation oncologist who performed my whole brain radiation and lung radiation: Dr. David Sherr


MSK doctors

The surgeon who will perform the resection is Dr. Murray Brennan.

The medical oncologist who we met is Dr. Robert Maki.

One of the medical oncologists who has given his opinion in my case: Dr. Paul Meyers.

The radiation oncologist recommended by the surgeon is Dr. Kaled Alektiar.

Another medical oncologist: Dr. Brian Kushner.

A pulmonary specialist: Dr. Dorothy White.


Other doctors

A medical oncologist at Fox Chase: Dr. Margaret von Mehren.

A medical oncologist at Dana Farber: Dr. George Demetri.

A medical oncologist at MD Anderson: Dr. Robert Benjamin.


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